HEY! I'm Ericka! am a married mama to five children. I have a blended family that is composed of three teenagers and two toddlers. We are also a special needs family. Our only son has severe Cerebral Palsy. You can typically find me pushing the wheelchair and pulling a wagon, THAT'S HOW WE ROLL (pun intended). I love to read, wine and pumpkin spice. I am in this space build you up by reminding you that you aren't alone. I am sharing my motherhood journey with you in hopes to inspire families that look like mines to some capacity.


Listen, I am your motherhood liaison. I meet you between excitement and hot mess!  Think of me as your friend that is not here to judge but always down to share with you a tall glass of honesty and a good book to pair with. I just might share a scripture because I am a believer.  Most importantly, I am your voice of reason to give you the inspiration and motivation you need when you feel like your heels are SINKING IN MOTHERHOOD.


I am a Doctoral Candidate, focusing on Strategic Leadership and Innovation, at Concordia University Chicago.

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