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Managing support centric opportunities for children with multi-needs through an IEP


Hello! If you are here you are in the right place. Many of you know me as the mom and Journalist/Blogger but I am also a Master IEP Coach.

With a 17-year-old son with severe Cerebral Palsy, I have sat at the IEP table many times over, advocating for my son and collaborating with his education team and medical team to create an educational experience that was adequate for his needs, with the proper support and modifications in place. 

As a Master IEP Coach, I not only use my business savviness to help families change their mindset with how they approach their child's IEP but also, I use my knowledge and experience.


These skills are not limited to families, they extend to school districts, special education groups, and parenting groups. By encouraging parents and teams to change their mindset, I encourage them on how to make the IEP drive results that are life-changing for children.

What is a Master IEP Coach?

As an IEP Coach, I meet you where you are during your IEP journey. Whether it is your first IEP experience or your child is in High School, having an IEP coach can change the trajectory of your child's educational experience, while providing you with the calm and clarity you need.  

An IEP coach is in place to provide support through advocacy, consulting and coaching as you prepare for your child's IEP meeting and beyond. By guiding families through the process of an IEP, I am in place to do the following:  

  • Interpret the IEP for families to understand easily.

  • Guide families when issues and concerns arise, in an effort to be solution-oriented and drive desired results.

  • Answer questions families may have regarding their child's IEP.

  • Advocate for the desires and goals families have for their child's educational experience. 

  • Teach families how to advocate and be a voice for their child's education.

  • Attend IEP meetings in an effort to serve as a support beam during the meeting. 

  • Create a collaborative ecosystem for the IEP process so families are included in the decision-making process along with the education team (IEP Team).

  • and MUCH MORE!


Can you provide me with legal advice?

No. I am not an attorney. All coaching and consulting are experienced-based.

How can I work with an IEP Coach?

You are in the right place! Send me an email and let's get started!

Can you attend the meeting?

Yes, as long as schedules permit.

Can you work with me virtually?

Absolutely. The beauty of working with ReadE.Image Education is we are technologically savvy. You can work with us anywhere!

How do I know if I need an IEP Coach?

If you desire to be a key power player in the decision making and educational endeavors of your child, an IEP Coach is great for you.

If you feel like you are not completely satisfied with the communication between your child's education team and your home, an IEP Coach will serve you well. 

Can you provide advice about my child's diagnosis?

No. Medical centric questions should always be directed to your child's medical team. 

Services and Retainer

20 min initial consultation - FREE

IEP Attendance - $150 per hour AND $50 Flat rate travel fee.

Coaching Only (Teleconference or Videoconference) - $97 per conversation (30-minute increments).

Speaking Engagements - Please inquire within.

IEP Review & Recommendations - $170 includes FREE Parent Concern Letter

Academic Year Full ServiceAvailable upon request (pay as you go option!)


Workshops  - Please inquire within.

Hours On Demand - $400 Three hour bundled Consults to be used any way within an Academic Year August - June EXCLUDING IEP Meetings. Inquire within for additional information