Things Can Stink

Once you have gone a long period of time without a sense of smell you begin to appreciate everything that has an odor. Realistically speaking, when you have a full house of six people and a dog not having a sense of smell can present some interesting situations!

However, thank goodness for natural products that does not have all of those yucky chemicals in it to further trigger issues once your sense of smell has returned. I am happy to share that we are teaming up Febreeze and they have a new product that you will absolutely love! This new product is Febreze ONE. It is a fabric and air freshener that rids your home and fabrics of odors without the heavy perfumes that most air fresheners have. You know of those right? The air fresheners that leave you coughing and gasping for air after you have sprayed it. But let's face it, things can stink! Some of my household's odor problems are DIAPERS (double time), the dog after he has been outside, foods like fish and of course bathrooms!

Febreze ONE has no aerosols, no dyes and no heavy perfumes. The air freshener is available in three single ingredient scents; bamboo, orchid and mandarin. The fragrances are delicately scented which is just what I need with a little one crawling around and other kids that have asthma, allergies and sinus issues like myself. Also, this odor eliminator uses a pump technology. Press the nozzle once and the products gently mystifies the air for a couple seconds. Additionally, the nozzle is reusable which allows you to try different scents whenever you like. I have tried this product and I am very satisfied with it! I have sprayed it on my family room couch, curtains and even on comforters oh, and of course those bathrooms!

These air fresheners and refills are available at Target and other retailers. Lucky for you I will be giving away one Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Freshener and a refill for you to try! Head over to my instagram page for the details on how to win!

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