Notice of Thanks

I was thumbing through some photo moments of myself immediately after I gave birth to Jisele and I became so thankful for the team that was responsible for assisting me through the process (I also became even more in love with womanhood!). No, not my husband although, he was really helpful and God bless him for googling "What to do when your wife is in labor" (LOL!). Two things from that search were intriguing and he decided to try:

1. Ask a random question to get your wife's mind off what's currently taking place.

He Asked: "When was the last time you got your ends clipped?!

I was so confused and taken aback because at this point in the process I was in A LOT of pain! I mean TONS! Until this day I think that was really funny and completely random!

2. Place a cold towel on her forehead.

His Action: He placed the cold towel on my forehead and you