Mommy & Me Style: Victoria Beckham

VICTORIA!! Guys, the Victoria Beckham collection is perfection! Target teamed with Victoria Beckham and released a collection on April 9, the clothes are not only made with quality but the variety of looks this collection encapsulated is phenomenal! As a mom of three girls (One teen, one tween and one toddler) this is Nirvana. Although my older girls have no interest in dressing like mama, my 1 year old will be along for the ride for a couple more years. Let's dissect this collection for a moment.

  • Branding. As you all know I love black and white. It's a color combination that always looks pristine. It's like the happy medium in your wardrobe. You are never under dressed when you wear this combo. With that said, I love the branding that's attached with this collection. The black and white logo is perfection! It presents a very high-end feel.

  • Variety. Not only does this collection provide the perfect ensemble to wear to work but it also provides date night, mixed with a family outing wear as well. There are also small additives with the collection like onesies, baby booties, a paper doll book, sticker book and coloring book.

  • Quality v.s Pricing. The collection is very reasonably priced for the quality of the clothing. For example the Women's Black and White Stripe Scallop Midi Skirt the quality of the material is satisfying. Victoria did not skimp on the material and I really appreciate that. This means that Victoria values her customers and her brand. The worst thing a designer can do is create a collection for a major retailer like Target and the quality is subpar.

  • Femininity. Victoria clearly understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, as her collection includes plus sizes. This is another example of how she has a clear and concise understanding of all things woman and mom.

I highly recommend checking out this collection at your local target store or online at

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