Mommy & Me Style: Victoria Beckham

VICTORIA!! Guys, the Victoria Beckham collection is perfection! Target teamed with Victoria Beckham and released a collection on April 9, the clothes are not only made with quality but the variety of looks this collection encapsulated is phenomenal! As a mom of three girls (One teen, one tween and one toddler) this is Nirvana. Although my older girls have no interest in dressing like mama, my 1 year old will be along for the ride for a couple more years. Let's dissect this collection for a moment.

  • Branding. As you all know I love black and white. It's a color combination that always looks pristine. It's like the happy medium in your wardrobe. You are never under dressed when you wear this combo. With that said, I love the branding that's attached with this collection. The black and white logo is perfection! It presents a very high-end feel.

  • Variety. Not only does this collection provide the perfect ensemble to wear to work but it also provides date night, mixed with a family outing wear as well. There are also small additives with the collection like onesies, baby booties, a paper doll book, sticker book and coloring book.