Holiday Gift Guide: Teens

The game has officially have a TEENAGER! Yep, that means Christmas has changed because these little stuck up humans do not believe in Santa Claus anymore and they are aware that Mommy and Daddy has told a fib (which they may throw in your face if you are a Bible thumper so BEWARE) and are the real masterminds behind the magical day! Anyhow let's get to what you are here ideas! Cash Money! If your teens are anything like mines they are looking for money so that they can hang out with their friends at the mall and buy their own threads (because they don't think you are capable of buying trendy clothes any longer). Believe me while it is a somber thought you can think of fun ways to present the money to them along with a gift.

1. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

This cool camera is just that...COOL! It gives the nostalgic feeling of seeing the pictures printed instantly just as the polaroid cameras were when we were younger. Now, it's time to pass the torch to your teen and let them see how fun 'Things from the old days were (as they affectionately call your childhood)." This is a fun way to connect with you teen since connecting can become a struggle now that they are actively into the age of puberty!

Buy It Here: FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

2. Room Decor

My teen is obsessed with White and Gold for her bedroom so buying a nice picture for her wall is definitely a win. Head over to any of the online retailers and find wall art that would be a great addition to your teeny boppers room.

Buy It Here: Wall Art

3. Cell Phone Accessories and Gadgets

Most teens love gadgets and accessories especially for their cell phone (ie. remember the selfie stick craze?!). These are typically the items that they really love but they wouldn't use their money to buy it (you see how they are again stuck up humans?).

Buy It Here: Bose Sound Dock

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