Product Review: Mommy & Me Style

Milk Snob Baby Cover

1. What is it? Milk Snob is a multifunctional nursing cover that doubles as a carseat carrier cover and shopping cart cover.

2. Where can I find it? Head over to Milk Snob website and you can choose from many design patterns.

3. What do I like about it? As a mom, I love a product that is multifunctional like most moms do. This nursing cover pops in a bit of chic glam to nursing your little one. Let's face it, motherhood with an infant is not always as glamourous as Kourtney Kardashian makes it look but with Milk Snob it definitely makes you look like the mom that is cool and has it together! 4. Favorite function of the product? I love using it as a shopping cart cover believe it or not! Most shopping cart covers are bulky and it's just another thing you have to carry around in your diaper bag. Below you will see a picture of my little one in the shopping cart at Target. As you can see, there is still room for toys to be placed on her lap to play with. I highly recommend this for ALL mommies! Let me know your thoughts on this product or other ones I should try! Buy It Here: Milk Snob

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