Its A New Year!

One year has gone by and we have all made it! Yes, we are almost at the halfway mark of the first month of the New Year and it seems that time continues to skip minutes in a day. How many of you have already started to feel like those resolutions are a thing of the past?! Ha! Don't feel bad because tomorrow is a new day. Ladies, we do not have to do it ALL! As a matter of a fact, we shouldn't program ourselves into believing we have to. Much too often we feel as though we have to prove our strength and intelligence to the universe. What we do have to do is maintain our sanity so that we can take care of our littles, big ones, home and most importantly ourselves. Going into this New Year make a resolution decision to not do it all because I guarantee you will find more peace and love in your days; you might even smile or laugh more. This does not mean abandon your children or your home however, this is permission to give yourself a pass to carve out more time to smile and find the true beauty in all of your blessings! God doesn't keep tally marks of all of our career moves, likes on social media or how many loads of laundry you have completed. On the contrary, he does monitor our heart and how we treat ourselves and others. Stop being hard on yourselves ladies, if you need any words of affirmation here you go...

YOU are strong YOU are intelligent YOU are beautiful...heck you are Sexy! YOU are fierce YOU are appreciated YOU are enough YOU are magical YOU are loved YOU are influential YOU are YOU!

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