What's All The Stress?

Its that time of year where (if you live in the midwest or east coast) the sweet smell of spring is so close you can taste it. Its the time where you are in pure anticipation of everything in nature to be green in bloom. However, it is also the time that parenting becomes a little challenging. We are in the thick of preparing for the end of the school year, which means everything seems suddenly crammed together. Well, don't fret mamas because below is a list of things you can do to keep your cool while we wait to take off to the beach, lake homes, family vacations and festivals. 1. Don't Sweat It! Yep, that's right, I said it! Do not allow all of the commotion get your panties in a bunch. Plan something relaxing for Spring Break so that you feel rejuvenated for the last couple months of the school year. 2. Gardening - Studies have shown apparently that gardening is a great stress reliever. If you do not have a backyard to start a garden you can do an in home garden. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes and they have many options for indoor gardens. 3. Essential Oils - Grab some calming oils. Typically these are lavender, rose, chamomile, frankincense and a host of others. I recommend having a blend in a roll on bottle so that you can keep it in your purse or diaper bag. This grab and go bottle is great for those stressful moments sitting in your car picking up and dropping off those little crumb snatchers (aka your children). Contact a doTERRA consultant or you can stop by your local health food store and they can help you. 4. Outstanding Date Nights - This is one can be complex for me and I am sure most of you have the same sentiments. Calendarize a date with friends or your spouse to take the edge off all of the stress. There is nothing like a refreshing cocktail over great conversations, food and laughs. 5. Grab a book - You guys know this was going to make the list. Seriously hear me out, reading a book in a room with a candle lit (Bath and Body Works have many options) and a glass of wine can really take the edge off of a stressful day. Not to mention it is (hopefully) a moment to have to yourself. I typically read once all of the children are asleep or while I am in the tub. It's a nightly ritual for me. I hope these suggestions are helpful for you! Please share with me some things you do to relieve stress during this busy season of life.

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