Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here! It's time for Spring Break, flower planting, spring cleaning and basically counting down the days until summer (isn't it funny how we are always on to the next?!)! This year let's be different. Let's actually enjoy everything that Spring has to offer like:

  1. Rain Wear - There are some really cute rain attire in the stores! Check out Nordstom They have many styles of designer raincoats, rain boots and pretty fancy umbrellas like the one pictured below.

  2. Gardening - You don't have to have a green thumb to plant a couple flowers or pick up a couple planters and transfer them into a cute flower pot from your local nursery or home improvement store, you might score one at your local grocer as well.

  3. Dairy Queen - it may not be extremely warm (if you are in the midwest like me) however, with a light jacket I think you can handle a yummy blizzard from DQ.

  4. Patio Loving - Now this is my favorite! You can either purchase new patio decor or breakout last year's decor and begin to dust it off and prepare your outdoor oasis. Retailers like Sears and Target always have a very nice selection.

No matter what this time of year means to you, this year make the best out of it. Let's try to be intentional. With Spring time comes new beginnings and a feeling of rejuvenation after months of cabin fever! It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, just make it meaningful and intentional...even if it's reading a book! Hello Spring!

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