An Afternoon of Beauty & The Beast

Friday we took a family trip to see the tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast and my were we in for a treat! This movie was exceptionally delightful! I am not sure if my children appreciated the beauty (pun intended) that this film encapsulated however, I felt like a kid again. I was most impressed by the director (Bill Condon) ability to keep the motion picture precisely a mirror image of the original 1991 animation. The beautiful song selections such as Be Our Guest, Belle and Beauty and the Beast were featured in the motion picture. The soundtrack featured the same songs however, they are performed by different artist nevertheless, they sound just as beautiful! Check out Ariana Grande and John Legends version of Beauty and the Beast this should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

The recreation of the village and the castle was a work of art. The set was just as I remembered as a young girl (6 years old to be exact WOW! I'm old!). As I laid my head on my husbands shoulder, watching the film with the eyes of a child, I really felt as if I was Belle in the whimsical village dancing and reading! It helped that the movie theater we were at was the embodiment of a fairy tale.

If you did not know I am completely smitten by a good romance movie or fairy tale, I am a true girlie girl! To kick off the fun, Jisele and I did a little "pre-gaming" before we headed to the theater. I dressed her up as Belle and we had a tea party. Although, she will not remember this moment we had fun and we have the pictures to prove it. My Beauty had moments of behaving like a Beast while at the theater but ended the evening more like Sleeping Beauty! All in all,