Natural Sleep Solutions For Your Children

As parents, we are always searching for sleeping solutions for our children. Its National Sleep Awareness Month and we are teaming up with Oilogic Essential Oil Care promoting the Kids Better Sleep Project. I am sure at this point I have captured your attention because you have a ton of things to take care of and getting kids to bed can seem like a race with no finish line in sight! I am happy to share with you that the Kids Better Sleep Project's purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of using natural solutions for children to rest well, while helping parents recognize all they can accomplish while their kids enjoy a nights rest (Like your favorite reality TV show, QT with your spouse, laundry, blogging or a glass of wine...this is of course if you are like me ).

So, it's time to toss those unhealthy sleep solutions and replace them with Oilogic Care! I have been using the Oilogic Care Sleep and Slumber regimen on baby Jissy and it works beautifully. Oilogic uses a blend of all natural 100% essential oils that are perfectly and safely blended for children. If you are like me, this eases my mind and gives me peace! These products can be bought at your local Target or you can purchase them directly from Oilogic Care website. For a chance to win a Home Entertainment Bundl