Children's Outdoor Sports Season Preparation

Its that time of year and yep I forgot! Here in the midwest (Chicago) the middle schools outdoor spring sports season begins in April (Some sports like soccer begin later in March) and you have to do some preparation for such an occasion. You see, in Chicago we have weather patterns that are completely in a world of its own. You may leave the house in a sweater and by the time you make it to your destination you need a winter coat. It happened to me today and boy was I upset. I forgot that when this season rolls around you have to prepare and stay prepared. Below is a list of items you need to keep with you at all times to survive the Spring outdoor sports season with your children.


It is super important you keep a blanket in the car! This is where I dropped the ball! Today was a beautiful day in Chicago and by the time I parked and made it to the field I felt absolutely frozen. I was actually so cold that my ears began to hurt (not a good feeling at all. Poor children that suffer from ear infection pain! ). Keeping a blanket in tow comes in handy to cover up when the weather is funky or you may need to lay the blanket in the grass as your portable palette or changing station if you have additional small children like me.


Having a fleece or jacket handy for those chilly evenings is a must! Sometimes as the sun begin to set the wind can become pretty heavy. This is a sure way that you have something to cover your arms or legs with.

Snacks & Drinks Track meets can be long (My girls run track). All outdoor activities can be pretty time consuming depending