Art of Becoming

Often times when we think about the word becoming its thought of as a moment of transition. Typically, it indicates that there is an end in sight and a moment when the transition will be complete. Initially, that is just what BecomingTheMrs was all about. It was a journey to my wedding day, a journey to becoming the woman that would be addressed as Mrs. and no longer Ms. During the transition of BecomingTheMrs I began to realize that becoming for me never really ends...especially in a marriage! I begin to find that just as things were transitioning up to the big wedding day, contrary to belief, that's not the end of the journey of becoming; it was merely the beginning of the story.

Me reflecting as I prepare to put on my wedding gown.

As, I approach three years of marriage I have come to realize that marriage is similar to an art exhibit or Gallery. You see so many stages of the of the artist's evolution in their craft. You can see growth, highs, lows and extreme triumphs. Have you noticed that some of the best exhibits are the ones that are of those who have passed on or ha