If you know me personally, you are aware that I am definately a Beyonce fan! Now, I don't have her name or bumblebees tattooed on me or have pictures of her everywhere (that would be weird) but I am a fan! Have you ever listened to FORMATION and thought to yourself…Am I IN FORMATION? I mean seriously, from a parenting position? One thing is for sure my toddler is definitely in FORMATION. For about a year now, I have envisioned waking my house to the sounds of formation echoing through speakers. Now, you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind, however hear me out on my theory on being in formation from a parenting position.

As parents, we have a tendency to forget about ourselves. We are so sacrificial and we forget to sacrifice and “fight” for those things that are really important to us. How often do we really take the approach “I see it I want it, I stunt till I own it, I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” How often is that our mentality? I mean surely we recognize “We are back by popular demand,”Nevertheless, do we really put our foot down and demand that chores are done? Naps are taken? Dishes have been washed and we are given a break? (Think about it for a moment) Do we use a go-getter attitude? GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET IN FORMATION!

Let’s talk about the infamous HATERS. Do we take the approach that the haters are corny? This one is for my fellow SAHM (Stay at home mom’s). “Ya’ll haters cory with that illuminati mess.” As a SAHM, the illuminati would be people that are not in your core circle. They are the people that think you have it made, you live a life of luxury and don’t work hard. Why do we allow these spectators to distort the vision that we have set forth for our family? We allow their points of views and position to curate a negative vibe in our minds. Question is, why do we do that? We need to"twirl on them haters!" (Think about it for a moment) GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET IN FORMATION!

What about our children and husbands? Do we look at our children as heirs to the throne and discard others attempt to sway decisions we make regarding how we dress them or style their hair? What about what they wear on those quick target excursions? Most often, we feel captive to the thoughts and perceptions of how others view our parenting styles. We also feel this regarding our spouses. Knowing that our spouse is an extension of ourselves, we many times like to make sure they fit the “status quo.” We instruct them on what to wear, when to shave and how to act when we are in those social circles that can affect our image. Question is, why do we do that? GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET IN FORMATION!

Don’t forget about the leggings and athletic shirt. Are we stylin'? Do we really feel that we are slayin'? Do we feel our absolute prettiest most days? I can assure you most of us feel that we could use a bit of a boost in this department. When you are a SAHM nowadays, you are not dressed in a cute dress with a full face of makeup (like those Megan Taintor trinkets, which I actually love because they are so funny!). It's not because we don't care rather, in a world of practices, rehearsals, drop off, pick ups, diaper changes and cooking, you don’t have the time. I think it's important that at least a couple times a week you feel like "I SLAY!" Now, by slay I do mean visually however, It's important that you feel that you SLAY at running your household! Consequently, we don't feel that we slay at it…most of us feel we sometimes suck at it! Question is, Why do we think that? GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET IN FORMATION!

To sum up the complexities of what motherhood could mean to formation, I believe Beyonce is telling us to be the best us we can be! Not so much as professionally, but by everything that is the embodiment of being a woman, don't be afraid to cause conversation. Take ownership of what makes you happy, fulfills you and don’t allow anything to completely compromise that. Remember that while being a parent is hard work and is a sacrificial position, it is also full of joy and thanksgiving! You can love your children and enjoy that delicious latte you have been heating up three times today, it's okay to decide to take a personal day and order food in because you feel you could use the time to be still with yourself. Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church said, “Innovators solve problems,” Ladies, you are an innovator's so own it and SLAY!


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