Pomp & Circumstance Season

Graduation Season has arrived and as a parent it’s a pretty big deal! Whether your child is graduating from Kindergarten, Eighth grade, High School or College you are feeling the pressure right about now. There are fee’s to be paid, the wrath of last minute homework assignments, final papers, projects due, party plans, prom, dinner dance, and honestly, the list can go on!

However, for me it’s a little bit more. I was a teen mother (insert chalk board scratches eek). My daughter entering high school has made me reflect on how everything started! I'm sure it was similar to what is actually taking place as I type (me typing in front of a computer while she lays sleeping next to me (Like her baby sister is doing right now). Stepping into the doors of high school is a defining moment because this is the place where you are bound to make mistakes that can affect how your life will turn out (for good and for bad). This is the place where you will begin finalizing the decisions of what you want to do with your life. I guess, what I am saying is that as a parent, this is a season of excitement and a bit of anxiousness. While it is understood we should be anxious for nothing(The Good Book aka. Bible teaches us that) sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to not feel nervous about all of the possibilities High School has to offer.

Then there is my son, I do feel the same but my concern is a bit different. Due to the multi needs of my son, I just hope he is received well by the students that are within the general population. As a kid that faces challenges daily, it is my hope that people will see him and feel a magnetic connection to feel inspired and thankful. They are not required to befriend him and feel responsible for his happiness while he is there (believe me he knows how to handle his own), I just want him to feel comfortable and not as different as be obviously is.

So, what do I do to challenge all of this energy?

I have found that embracing this season of change in my children’s life is best! I am actually moving towards a more excited attitude regarding their high school transition. The thought that my husband and I have humans in our home that are young adults is baffling! While we still look at them as our little boy and little girl, we must begin to allow them to flourish…with parameters of course. Four years fly by quickly and I want to enjoy the time with my children and not soak in the anxiousness of High School. As parents, the harsh reality is that they are not kids forever (although there are moments when you want them to be adults. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THAT). On the contrary though, most of us would love to keep them as those sweet babies that tear up your house, don’t allow you to sleep and mess up everything (O.K. I kinda went off for a moment but you understand)!

Parent’s, let's embrace the transition phase that Graduation has to offer. Graduation is similar to a re-birthing and starting anew. Let’s enter this season with glee and not focus too much on angst. So, break out your wallet mama’s because you have checks to write and gifts to buy...or not!

Bring on the Pomp and Circumstance!

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