Summer Break Lesson Plans

Trying to decide what to do during summer vacation can seem like a bit of an uphill battle. In my house we like to have fun and attempt to leave the house every day! However, this is done with some planning in place. Every summer I like to create a “Mommy Summer Break Lesson Plan.” If you are the woman that prefers to plan and write things down, you will appreciate this concept.

Every week I would pick a “theme.” This theme will help navigate through an abundant amount of activities for the week. You can get creative with the themes or keep it very simple, for example: “science,” “literature,” etc. For me, the simpler the better because it allowed me to insert my creativity with the delivery of the teachable moments during the week. Each day of the week (Monday - Friday) has an activity that is done the same day every week, for example: Monday is "movie day," Tuesday is "field trip day," Wednesday is "pool day" etc. This helps keep a bit of a rhythm (Again, if you are the type that likes organization). So, here's the way it works; if the theme is science, every activity for that week will creatively relate to science. Keep in mind, summer vacation is supposed to be a fun time for the kids however, you want to make sure that they don't lose their educational competitive edge.

When selecting excursions for the week, be sure it is of interest to the child and not something that makes them feel like they are in school. On “movie day” select a movie at the theater or a video store that your children are genuinely excited to watch. IF you can’t make it to the theater and you decide on the Netflix option break out the popcorn and fun snacks. Remember, you want this to be FUN not a boring National Geographic lecture (DISCLAIMER: I love National Geographic however, to kids these programs are boring). Continue this state of mind with all actives scheduled for the week. Make it exciting and fun!

"mantra." When I plan activities for my children, I make it a priority to visit places that we haven’t visited before or places we have enjoyed in the past but do not frequent. New places make for great experiences for the children and yourself. I mean, who wants to go to the same boring places anyway? At the bottom of the sheets for every month there is aThis could be a quote, scripture or a saying that your family feel is fitting for your dynamics. It should be something positive and or funny!

I have created a chart that serves as a practical option if you need to place your ideas on paper. I hope this makes planning your summer a little easier and encourages an educational and fun summer break for your children!

Happy Planning!

P.S. At the end of each event or day ask the kids how the activity that was done for the day related to the theme. (Teachable moments)

Below is an example of the "Monthly Lesson Plan Chart." Just click the image below to download a pdf version for you to print. There are a total of six sheets. Three with the themes in place and three that you can print and customize yourself. Also, there are no dates so that you can customize that as you see fit.

Depending on your child’s personality, you may find it helpful to include them on the planning process so that they feel they have a voice in the decision making process. Again, this depends on your child's personality.

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