Tommy Hilfiger | Clothing for Children With Disabilities

Fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with Runway of Dreams for a collection of adaptive clothing for children (soon adults) with disabilities. The collection consists of many pieces that make getting dressed easier for the child as well as parents that have to dress their child. Majority of the clothing uses a beautifully concealed magnetic strip to ensure closure for shirts, blouses, jeans and dresses. The mastermind and creator of this clothing line is a woman named Mindy Scheier. Her story is heartwarming however, her mission is that of strength, determination and empowerment.

As a mom of a child with disabilities, I can tell you getting him dressed is not easy (Although, I am proud to say that I can get him dressed quicker than my husband. It's our ongoing race against one another:-) ). In our case, our son cannot dress himself per contra, adaptive clothing is helpful for us. I have often thought to myself that I wish there were adaptive clothing that made getting our son dressed more simplistic just as it has been done for infants and toddlers. A great friend from church shared with me this God sent venture that Runway Of Dreams had started and I have been intrigued every sense!

So, who is Runway of Dreams? They are a non - profit foundation that was founded by Mindy Scheier and since its inception has now tripled as not only a non - profit but a modeling agency for children with special needs and designer! PLEASE watch the video below and find out how the birth of Adaptive Clothing has made its way mainstream!

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