BeachBody With Confidence

So, have you heard of BeachBody Training? I have a great MOPS mommy buddy who is a Beach Body fitness coach and what she is setting out to achieve with women is phenomenal. "My goal is to empower women through educating them about their health, nutrition and fitness. I help women find their confidence and self esteem by reaching their goals, no matter how big or small!!" says trainer Carrie Fina.

Now, I know most of you are probably thinking "not another program." Well, I must say this is a bit different. Carrie is dedicated to being your accountability partner. She encourages women and help them maintain their confidence. Carries, positive attitude and spunk will definately rub off on you and encourage you to find your inner beach body. She is not in the business of making you become a size 2 but she is in the business of encouraging you to reach goals and have fun while you are at it! The absolute cool part about this is that you don't have to leave your home! SCORE RIGHT?! Read more below and contact Carrie here.

Here is the scoop on how you can get started in Carrie's own words:

MY FREE SERVICES-->> 1-I am hyper sensitive to and about all of my clients. When I work with you, I work for for. I care for you like you are my family. You are not a number or sale. I am not trying to get you to purchase something for my benefit but to help you reach your goals. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! 2-I create SPECIFIC plans for each client. Of course I use the Beachbody template and guides but I pride myself on customizing plans based on dietary needs and lifestyle concerns. We can alter and modify as we go along. I will help you access and change as necessary. 3-I check in with you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I will text, text, call or message you (with your permission of course!!). Also, I post motivational videos in my groups, helpful articles, challenge you to create change, and help you to stay focused with some tough love!!

4-I will NOT LET YOU settle for less. When you become a client you will have no other option than to succeed. My goal is to help moms and women feel amazing, strong and confident!!! What you would purchase is what's called a "challenge pack". You would have access to 1 YEAR online gym membership to Beachbody on demand (you can access on Apple TV, your iPad or phone, anywhere there is internet), it's like Netflix but for workouts!!! (I will show you how to access and use at your convenience-->> comes out to less than $9 a month and for a gym membership that's a pretty good deal, plus you don't have leave your house!!)

On Demand includes ALL of the Beachbody programs made plus everything that is being released this year, which is worth over $6,000. Workouts are 22-30 minutes (some are even 10 minutes!!) I've been using the programs for 2 years and lost 30+ pounds. I will help you choose the right program!!

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