Girl, Where Have You Been

So, it's been a while. Yep. A lot has gone on since I shared my last post. Primarily the reason for the hiatus is because I am expecting a baby girl in April ( I am excited)! Many people are aware that morning sickness is a beast for me. I experience it throughout my pregnancy so, it has been hard to stay afloat. Another reason for the hiatus is I have felt very conflicted with the direction of my brand. I have been trying to figure out ways to deliver all that I am in the mommy realm. It's so easy to feel defeated or become sidetracked by what so many other bloggers are doing and you can lose your way. In an effort to not be lost in the shuffle, I figured this was the perfect time to take a break and return when my head is clearer and I can roll this thing out more effectively... Oh, and I started grad school which added on to my already compacted "to-do" list ( figured I would sneak that in there).

I want to deliver content to you that is refreshing, that is helpful and gives you insight into my world and how I manage all that I do...or sometimes don't manage it. I want my blog to be a space for moms to visit when they need parenting advice on the subjects that I feel I am equipped to advise on. I want my partnerships to be authentic and not just another post because of monetary gain or popularity. All in all mamas, is for the mother that is coming into her own and need a couple gems to collect from a seasoned mother along the way.

Join me. Be patient with me and grant a little grace as I will do the same for you!