I Am Over It

If you are a mom, you have had those days where you feel completely over the whole parenting thing! You love your children and there is absolutely no doubt about that. However, once you log on to social you feel completely depleted by all of the moms who appear to have this parenting thing perfectly mapped out. I am sure there may be people that feel that way about me (Ha! Another thought coming girl!). Well, let me help place a little grace and solace in your heart. No matter how perfect the pictures are, none of us have it totally together however, I will admit, there are some that have it more together than others.

What's important is that you find your rhythm. You find the rhythm that is fitting for your home, your children and your lifestyle. It is imperative that as mothers and parents that we focus on our homefront. When we allow ourselves to be caught up in other peoples' parenting styles (from what we see on social), we allow it to alter some of our core values and the relationships we should be building within our home. As a mom blogger, I consider myself a resource. The information I share and the advice I may supply is merely to give you an additional perspective to come to when you feel it's needed.

Most of us mom bloggers are here as support and a virtual friend you can lean on and bounce advice from. Parenting is hard enough without all of the pretty pictures and perfectly curated schedules. So, cheer up girl! I am sure you are doing great job. If you feel that there are areas you could use a little more advice, do not be ashamed to call, text or email a trusted mom who you feel could supply you with the advice you need because she has been in the same situation you are currently living in. Do not allow social to deter you from having the best parenting experience you can have. Remember, find your rhythm and reach out to a trusted mom friend!


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