Am I Even Qualified

We are in an era of time where everyone is looking to be poured into right? I mean we all feel we need a mentor of some sort to help us navigate through life and align ourselves with the right village of people. I am with you! We not only need it but it's liberating to clinch on to other women who have driven down the roads we have and are now on the other side and they can provide us with perspective (I LOVE IT!).

However this isn't about that! This is about being mindful of those who we allow to pour into us. You see, the church is no different, we have heard many times that we need to be mindful of the preachers we follow etc. The same goes for people that we allow to give us advice. Being poured into is a special relationship because its reciprocal. Its intimate. When you pour into another woman it requires you to be vulnerable enough to share your story too. It requires you to be authentic and raw. Look for those attributes when you allow someone to pour advice into you. Do not be afraid to ask them about their story. Most importantly, be sure they are on the other side of the hill. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing a story with redemption at the end! I love hearing woman speak about things and further share how they have overcome those obstacles and how their life has changed because of it.

I often wonder "Am I Even Qualified" to share what I share. To give the advice I do give. Not because I do not feel adequate but its important that when I pour into a person I can align myself with the advice I am giving. I mean let's be honest, how can I give you advice about a bad relationship if I am still in the midst of one or I literally just called it off yesterday (THIS IS NOT TRUE OF ME, JUST AN EXAMPLE PEOPLE). As the pourer it can complex and perhaps contradictory to give advice while you are still trying to figure it out yourself. Now, let's not confuse this with giving an opinion. An opinion is just that. When someone gives you an opinion, you collect those golden gems you may hear and if some of it isn't in alignment with what you think is right you can forget you ever heard it. Think about this as you navigate through relationships and advice columns. I do believe everyone has great intentions however, it may not be in alignment with what you need.

Make sure your village is seasoned!<