Complexities of It All: Advice On Coping

Being a parent can sometimes arrive at a season where it's completely complex. You can feel as though you are caught between what works for you, what others think you should be doing and what you see others doing (stupid social media right?). Be encouraged! Being a parent is very complex but its that way for all of us! Here, I will share so you don't feel alone. What's most complex for our household is managing many dynamics. We are a blended family, we have four (soon to be five) children, we have a teen who is completely wheelchair dependent and caregiver dependent, we have an active high schooler, we have a trying to find my place socially tween and then we have a one year old who is actually a beam of sunshine but make no mistake about it, she is hard work. Now, that was mouthful! I am sharing that because I see and hear you, you are not alone. However, what you can do to counteract the anxiety about it all is protect your mental space by:

1. Take it day by day. Everyday we are all working on becoming a better version of ourselves. It's important that you remember that tomorrow is a new day and you have another opportunity to make things better.

2. It's imperative that you try to maintain a positive attitude. Though it's difficult depending on the situation, work daily to make it happen. Children feed off parents energy and sometimes that energy we exude challenges their ability to talk to us, behave and or feel they matter.

3. If you need to take a 10-15 minutes of alone time before you approach a situation with your children, please take those moments! Not only is it beneficial for you but it's beneficial for the kid. You want to make sure when you are approaching the child you have a clear mind and you are a little bit more prepared to speak your peace.

4. Listen to what people have to say (INSERT ROLLING OF THE EYES HERE)! This does not mean you have to take their advice however, you might learn something! Listen to what people have to say. Keep with you the advice that you feel is beneficial and the stuff that you feel just simply isn't what you feel you need put it in your mental recycle bin and someone else might make use of it later.

5. Do not be afraid to read a book! Yep, a good ol' self help book. Many of these Psychologists who specialize in in these areas are very knowledgeable and can provide you with a different way of looking at many situations as well as how you approach them.

While I am not a specialist, I do read a lot and I have found what helps me so, I am sharing my tips with you! Stay encouraged, Be blessed and have a little fun while you are at it!