What They Don't Tell You: Six Things To Do When You Reach 36 Weeks Pregnant

If you are a mother you are aware that after 36 weeks the doctors will not stop delivery of baby. It is at this time the baby is practically full term (lungs may not be 100% developed but you get the point). During this time you will begin having weekly doctor OB appointments that will consist of the infamous "WHITE SHEET." If you are a new mama, basically, this is when they begin to check your cervix so, you must toss the pants and undies (Ugh!). My advice is the following to get you through those last couple weeks of weekly check-ups.

1. This is a time you want to make sure you keep those lady parts in tip top shape! YES, pull out the trimmers, grab a mirror and get that area together. You have no idea when the big day is so, its best to be prepared for the unexpected.

2. Enjoy your showers/bath times. These will be the last of many when you don't have an infant interrupting you with phantom crying (just look it up, it's a real thing!).

3. Lotion Up! I know you are probably saying "Ericka it is not that serious!" Hey, maybe not to you, but the last thing you want is to have your exposed body appearing as if a truck has unloading powder from your elbows to your toes.

4. Pack your bag. This is the part that I have procrastinated on but got done! The last few weeks of pregnancy can get tricky really quickly. You want to make sure that you are prepared. Having your spouse find all of your personal items to stuff in a bag may not be so desired.

5. Get a Mani/Pedi. You will be in the house for some time so, take care of those fingernails and toes! Getting things like that done with an infant becomes a luxury. Above all, its a great opportunity to enjoy a little spa treatment before your big day.

6. Wash your hair often or get a protective style. Going into labor and delivery with clean hair and or well maintained hair will be appreciated after birth.

Some ladies may feel some of this is superficial but hey, I don't. You are already offering up all sense of privacy, so you may as well be a little well cared for before all your lady parts are on display. I hope this was useful for some of you first time mama's!

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