Take Control Of Your Birth Story

The day had finally arrived and I knew I was going to give birth to Jenesis. I wasn't sure how things would pan out however, I knew I wanted to be in as much control as possible. Prior to delivery I had spoken with my doctors regarding my birth plan and I was pleased to see that upon my arrival I was in the birthing room I had requested, the nurses were very respectful regarding how I wanted to handle the entire experience and there were plenty medicine balls ready!

Basically, I made the decision to TAKE CONTROL of my birth story.


I am a no epidural type of girl. Yes, I know people have called me crazy however, there are a couple reasons why I am not in favor of the epidural (by the way this does not mean I judge you because you do). First, I must admit a needle in my spine just gives me the creeps and signing a document just before its done gives me anxiety too. Next, with my first birth my grandmother told me "don't get that epidural, childbirth is suppose to hurt." LOL! My grandma is funny. She birthed five children so she knows the pain with childbirth all too well. Also, I enjoy the challenge. You see, I am a little competitive, with myself. I don't try to compete with others...its all Ericka against Ericka (its probably an only child thing). I like to improve and better myself which led to how I decided to handle this birth experience this time around. (Disclaimer: In case of an emergency I would have done what was suggested)

No Bedtime

Leading to this birth I had planned since my last birth that I wanted to handle it differently. Let me just say ladies, do NOT labor laying in bed. Do yourself a favor and stay in motion while drinking plenty water or eating lots of ice chips. Laying in the bed, my labor felt a lot more excruciating. I decided to labor standing up most of the time. If you follow me on instagram (which you should) you would have seen me in motion and not laying down. I am no birthing expert, just sharing what worked for me. Using the medicine ball, walking around, moving my hips in circular motions and not laying on my back was a great experience for me. I also decided to position myself in the chair backwards as you see pictured. This position was a great alternative to laying in bed flat as well. I did lay in bed the last hour because this is when I began to feel pressure (and my feet were burning at this point from standing!!). In constant motion and allowing my body to work naturally with gravity made the experience less painful!


I also, decided to add aromatherapy to the mix! I selected one that I have been using for a while because I love the way it smells, its so refreshing! I had my husband to periodically spray it in the air around me. Sounds so silly, but it gave me peace and calmed me! I added a couple drops of peppermint oil to this.

Cold Towels

Next, my husband placed cold towels on my head like clockwork and he even add the essential oils to the towels (He had a great system going).