Operation Mother's Day

So, Mother's Day is literally days away and you are stumped! You have no idea what to buy and you feel like you are racing against the clock to come up with ideas. You are probably tired of always feeling like you are buying the same items. I have some ideas that may work out pretty well.

1. Luggage - This is for the mom who is always traveling. There is nothing better than matching chic luggage. I would suggest checking out Vera Bradley. They have a beautiful selection of printed luggage options with all the accessories to match!

2. Vineyard - Is your mom the ultimate wine connoisseur? Gift her with a trip to a local winery or vineyard. This is a great option because you can present her with the gift with nice bottle of wine and plan the outing at a later date if you need to. However, taking her the day of would be great!

3. Virtual Personal Assistant - Yes, if you have a mom that is busy, gift her with one of the Amazon home assistant products. In addition to this, set it up for her! Connect the amazon account and show her how to use it. She may not buy into the idea at first but after you give her a tutorial, I am sure she will love it!

4. Custom Jewelry - You may be racing against the clock with this one. This is for the sentimental mom. Anything with meaning will be a gift she loves!

5. Books - If you have a mom that is a book worm and you know her reading selections pretty well, she would be elated to have a new books to add to her summer reading list!

6. Spa - This is a gift that never get old to me! Gift your mom with a spa package from a spa she has never experienced before. This is for the mom that loves relaxation!

Connect with me on social media and let me know if any of these ideas worked for your mom!

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