Who Let The Dogs Out

Saturday was a pretty cool day for me. It was my Jesus year birthday and I had an opportunity to check out a cool movie with my husbae and my two youngest babies. Show Dogs! Show dogs is a movie about a dog named Max (voice of Ludacris) and his human FBI agent partner Frank, who have teamed up with much angst to catch robbers of a Panda...YES A PANDA BEAR! A tip leads the unhappy pair to Las Vegas where they are to make an attempt to go undercover at a Dog Show. With his witty personality, this was a the perfect undercover assignment for Max. Frank, was a bit apprehensive however, after a wat

ching Max at work he began to see the value in why a Dog is a Mans best friend.

My View: Initially I was a partially apprehensive at the plot because typically movies with pets and animals are cheesy. However, this movie was different. The plot wasn't too cheesy but more importantly, it was pretty funny. If you have a sense of humor and you love or enjoy pets I think you can take sitting in the theaters with your little one watching this movie...with a glass of wine...or maybe coffee! The movie hits theaters Friday, May 18, 2018. For more information check out the Show Dogs movie website.

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