Its Getting Hot In Here

In Chicago, it is starting to feel like Summer Time Chi! If you are from the midwest, you understand that summertime is a major time of the year for us because we experience brutally cold winters and not many sunny days. Though unfortunate, we make the best of our summertime fun and I have to admit, the summertime scene in Chicago is well worth all of the hype!

While we adults know all of the fun places to go in the summer, we also need to plan how we intend to spend the summer with our children. We could have them sit on the couch all day and do nothing but that would be too easy and NOT FUN! You can check out my post from last year as I explain this a little more.

Nevertheless, every year I like to create a calendar that helps me stay organized with how I'd like to plan my summer days and weeks. These printouts allow me to include my children as we collectively create our summer fun on paper. This also provides all of us an opportunity to visit and try places that we have never been or have wanted to go to but the bitter cold temperatures kept us hibernating. There are two calendar formats attached. These calendars are two different ways you can organize your summer schedule. One is more free flowing and the other is more structured. Remember summertime is all about fun however, we do not want our kids to miss out on teachable moments.

Check my 2018 calendar template. Feel Free to Download and print for your family's summer fun!

Download your copy today

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