Navigating The Fireworks

Independence Day is a couple weeks away and parents are always toying with the idea of bringing their little ones to see the fireworks display, or if they should lay low at home and bring out the sparkles and poppers. Of course I understand the concern, however, you know I am a pack up and go mom! I say pack up your kid tribe however, you need to be a little strategic to make sure the kids are comfortable because being at the park for a couple hours prior to the actual fireworks show can be daunting on your children. You already know you need snacks (and wine), blankets and collapsible chairs. However, these are some things you might not have considered.

Here are my top 5 “to do’s & to thinks” when you are taking your small children to see the fireworks display.

1. Location is everything. I know we all love to watch the fireworks at some of the city’s most popular spots, however you have a kid tribe now! Pick a smaller towns’ fireworks display. This saves you time from dealing with large crowds and unruly parking. In addition to this, remember the fireworks display is pretty large, you don’t have to sit in the front row! Finding a spot that is near restrooms but does not distort the view of the display may be more favorable. Also, be sure your location is not jam packed with people, this allows you to have a little more space for your little one to run around if they become antsy.

2. Toddler Survival Kit. Yes, bring your toddler survival (Yeah, the one I have been telling you to create). This should have some cool items inside to keep your toddler busy while you wait for the show to begin.

3. No Strollers. I know it's difficult, however, it can make navigating the parks so much easier! Instead, bring a wagon. Its an easier solution and its not as bulky. You don't want to be the person that has to keep moving their stroller because it's in the way.

4. Compact Fan. This is not only to help cool you down, but this is for the bugs! YES, a fan is the best bug repellent because it blows the bugs away from you.

5. Sound Eliminating Earmuffs. These are great for those that have babies. This is the perfect time for your child to wear these because the noise from the fireworks can be very loud, you don’t want your little one to suffer as a result.

I hope these ideas have given you some things to ponder as you begin to plan your July 4th festivities. Having children doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun, you just have to think a little differently sometimes and plan ahead.

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