Fun On Rainy Days (Indoors)

Summer Rainy days can be tricky. You want to leave the house (because it's only rain) but then again rain and kids in strollers sometimes really don't mix. Get creative and think of some fun activities you can do indoors for yourself and your children. Here are a couple:

Keeping It Indoors

Movies - Get caught up on a couple movies on your watch list or you can binge on a couple Netflix shows.

Play in the rain - toddlers and teens actually enjoy playing in the rain. There is something about it that they love so, let them have at it!

Arts & Crafts - Younger kids love to play in paint and anything that is messy! Protect the space with newspaper and let the kids knock themselves out!

Cleaning - Not fun, I completely understand that BUT it's productive and it's something to do. Catch up on laundry or use this an opportunity to organize.

Read - Grab a book and a glass of wine or coffee and enjoy a good book. You can also supply your kids with books to read as well. If they aren't at the age where sitting in one space is feasible, turn on the television for some screen time or a movie that's at least an hour!

Party Indoors - Turn on the music and just hang out! Let the kids play with their favorite toys or puzzles and just have a good time being indoors.

Bake - I am not one that does this on a normal basis, so, doing this is an activity and the kids will appreciate it as well.

Indoors outside of The House (EXCLUDE DURING COVID -19 HEALTH CRISIS)

Okay sooo, you are up to leaving the house now, but you want to experience something completely indoors. I can understand that. You are the adventurous parent, I love that! Here are some ideas:

Museum - This is an indoor activity that will at least allow you to have fun, be entertained, and learn for a couple hours.

Indoor Playard - There are plenty of these places! Check your area for indoor play spaces where your (young kid) can play for a couple hours. These are important because they allow your kid to release energy!

Mall - This one can be tricky because you can end up spending and spending! However, if a little retail therapy is in the budget, hook up yourself and kids! Father's Day is around the corner, so, this may be a great time to take care of that special guy in your life!

Movies - So, you can ditch the Netflix idea and head to your local theater and check out a movie that is family friendly.

Painting - There many painting places in the Chicagoland area for children (and adults). These places are pretty cool! You just pick out an item to paint, and then your kiddo can have fun designing that item with a bunch of colors!

Indoor Waterpark - Although it's raining outside, it's still the summer! Check out your local indoor water park. This will definitely occupy your time for a couple hours and the kids will love it, hopefully you too!

These are not elaborate, but they can at least jump start you with some ideas on how to handle a rainy summer's day! How do you handle rainy days with kids?

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