Building Strong Girls: Strong Self(ie)

As parents we are always trying to think of ways to empower our daughters. With social media and all of the social pressures they face, its important that we validate them, their feelings, their self worth and their beauty. The Strong Self(ie) subscription box is doing just that for girls. Strong Self(ie) is a subscription box that is distributed quarterly filled with positivity. The subscription caters to girls 8-17 years old, recommending two different boxes depending on the age of your daughter.

Kristen and Stephanie are the co-founders and both are mothers of daughters on a mission to build strong girls for life! This subscription box is a great way for parents to connect with their daughters. These ladies have taken their message to be more of a movement to inspire girls beyond the box! Here is a further look into the overall goal and purpose of this box in their words.

“It's not easy being a girl today. Your every move is under a microscope and forever documented in social media. Expectations in school and extracurricular activities are higher than ever. Friendships are not always easy. We get it, #thestruggleisreal so with each subscription box we inspire you to #strugglestrong and use the [four corners of self(ie) strength] to guide you to becoming your confident, strong self(ie).” ~Strong Self(ie)

You can check out more about those four corners of Self(ie) here.

What I Love About the Box:

  • This box is distributed quarterly for $59.95 per quarter.