Spreading Your Parent Venom

Having multiple children is challenging. Your children have needs and wants, and the one they have in common is you. Although, sometimes you feel that you are rocking out this parent thing, its important that you remember each child is different and may want some alone time with only you.

Last year, I found a Jar called A Year of Fun with Mom. This jar has 52 activities to do with moms. The activities are not fancy, they are rather simple. However, they allow you to have at least 30 minutes of alone time with your child. I haven't seen this jar again, so I think you should make one! This is a great activity to have your children do together. You provide the jar, pencils and paper and let them go to work. Although I have a mom jar, I think having a mom jar and dad jar is cool because we all know there are activities that children love to do with dads only. This jar will promote bonding time with your child and allow you to spread your parent venom.

Cant wait to see your jars!

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