Diversity In Healing

Diversity and inclusion. Some things can be mindless until it has an affect on you. One of the most frustrating things about being a person of color is the idea of items being called "skin toned" or "flesh toned" but those colors do not mimic your skin at all. When this happens, you are tasked with searching through all of the hues of brown to find your shade, its actually pretty annoying. This is the case for ballet shoes, undergarments (I mean I have still yet to find nice brown for my hue) and medical supplies like bandaids.

My son wears hand splints and I remember when it was time to be fitted for new ones, the selection of colors to choose from were colorful and then I saw the option "hispanic?" LIKE..HUH?...WHAT? What is the color hispanic? What does that even mean? The color was basically a tan hue. The orthotics sector of the medical profession is really lagging behind. In this day in age, there should be various skin tones available especially because most orthotics are worn closest to your skin (luckily the prosthetics world has done a great job at this). Nevertheless, medical supplies has lagged in this area too until a company called Tru Colour was introduced to the market! When I stumbled upon this company, I was excited because they understood diversity and inclusion all too well!

In their words, "A bandage was and is a small, tangible way to show care, conceal a hurt, and begin the restorative healing process. From the individual with a papercut to our human race, we are confident that healing is possible, and that it happens in these moments and small decisions."

How awesome is this right? With a multiracial family myself, my family is composed of many hues! I have five children and they are various beautiful hues of brown that the average bandaid does match. Tru bandages are all about diversity even in healing. These bandages are now sold in Target (Oh how I love Target) as they have identified that there is a need for diversity in healing as well.

To some, placing a bandaid is a mindless behavior. You put it on a wound and you think nothing of it, until you wonder why it doesn't match your skin just as it does others. Companies like Tru Colour are a true gem! With bandages in three different hues, you are sure to find a bandaid that makes you feel included! Check your local Target and add Diversity to healing in your home! There's no better time than summer!

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