Having Another Baby

Let me admit, when you ask me if I am having another baby, my eyes roll and I look at you disgustingly. The truth behind all of that is, I actually would love to have just one more child. However, morning sickness holds me hostage. If you follow me on instagram you are aware of just how much grief it gives me. To be completely transparent, my husband and I have had a conversation about it and we came to the conclusion that we should probably not explore the idea. We understand the physical and mental strain it weighs on all of us and unless we have additional physical help, we are hanging up our childbearing days.

I Get It

Having children are a true blessing. So, when I give attitude about having another baby, to the mother that is trying to conceive I am not being insensitive. I am just speaking from the perspective of a woman that endures a lot while pregnant. You see, I didn't suffer from fertility issues but I did actively try to conceive for over a year, and was constantly disappointed as I took pregnancy tests that showed negative results. I remember feeling frustrated when people would ask if I was pregnant "yet". What they didn't know was that I had been trying.

Lasting Thought

I share this to say, give one another grace. When a woman says that she doesn't want to have another baby. She can have many reasons why she feels the way she does, nevertheless, she is not being insensitive to the woman that is having difficulty. As women, we have t