I Am A Mom Boss

The term “Boss” has really been floating around the internet heavily these days. It seems to be the ideal term for what some people think represents status and wealth. For me being a boss is all about walking in your truth while getting things done. Being a boss is not necessarily associated with the money but it is all about how you are approaching life and owning your journey. Now here's why I am a mom boss:

I Own My Position

I am a mother to five children and it is not easy. However, instead of complaining I made the decision many years ago, that I would own my position in my family. Being a SAHM is what you make it. I opt to get out and do things to keep me engaged as a woman and mother.

I Reinvent Myself

Being a Mom Boss is all about the ability to adapt and reinvent yourself. As mothers we adapt well naturally. I mean, going from 8 hours of continuous sleep, to waking up every other hour is pretty much what many mothers endure. Reinventing and keeping yourself relevant is what it's all about. Though I am a SAHM, I have decided to keep learning and stepping out of my comfort zone. This is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue an MBA degree. I want to maintain my relevancy and keep learning so that I can continue to work to inspire and motivate other mothers.

I Read

Real bosses enjoy learning. They are fulfilled by the solace they experience and the knowledge that is gained when reading. While I am not like Warren Buffett who says he read between 600 and 1000 pages per day when he was beginning his investing career, I am still devoting time in a day to read. Mom Bosses should always have a purse or tote lurking somewhere with a book inside.

I Try

We all know parenthood can have some challenging seasons. However, I TRY! Putting your best foot forward, means you are ceasing every day with an “I can attitude.” Mom Bosses are always up for challenges and take on the day with a “ready” attitude. Typically, as long as I am not waking up on the wrong side of the bed or haven’t had coffee I am ready to tackle the day!

I am not a boastful person at all and I am so very very far from perfect however, being a mom boss is about empowering the next mom so that she too can be a mom boss. All it takes is having the right attitude!

Now Boss Up Girl!

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