Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

A Little About Me

Hello! You have hit the Mom/Parenting Blog Jackpot! My name is Ericka and I am a mother of five brilliant children ages 15, 14, 12, 2 and 11 weeks! Yes, I know you are thinking “DAYYYUM” she has a lot of children! Yes, we are a family of seven and eight if you include our Lab Louie. My husband and I reside in the suburbs of Chicago and we have a blended family. To take it a step further we have an exceptional child in the bunch. Our only son has cerebral palsy and he is nonverbal and wheelchair bound. Before you feel sorry, DON’T! He is a brilliant child that has some challenges but believe me he probably laughs the most out of all of our children (He’s quite the silly one!). I am a digital consultant on a VERY part - time basis and I am just weeks (literally 3) away from having an MBA. I love hard ciders, coffee, pizza and I am a girly girl (no wonder I have four daughters!).

How It All Started

I have dibbled and dabbled in blogging for many years now. However as for Becoming The Mrs., it all started out as an instagram page dedicated to me sharing my wedding planning details (2014) with close family and friends. As I continued to post and think about the word “Becoming” I thought it would be fitting to keep the account going and incorporate a blog attached to it. The word “becoming” was striking to me because it is an evolutionary process that doesn't necessarily end. I believe everyday we are becoming better versions of ourselves and its a journey. The page was initially private and it was not until last summer that I made the page public.

What You Will Find Here

You will find content that is dedicated to the modern day mom. That is the woman that is on the go and always busy. I post about everything and I share many candid photos of my family and I. I also share product reviews of items that I love and believe in. I do not share stuff just because it was given to me for free. I like to be authentic and share what I really like as well.

What I Am Not

I am not omniscient and I don’t claim to know it all. I share what I know for sure. Most of my content is inspired by my life, books and subjects that I find intriguing that I have dealt with.

Why Do You Blog

I love to write. I am a content creator. When I was in the first and second grades that was my career path (smile). I was convinced I would be a writer. That was until the day I told my mom and she gave me a little insight about that career path that I wasn’t ready for yet. Needless to say, I decided that I didn't want to do that professionally. That was many moons ago obviously and here we are in the 21st century where being a writer can be a lucrative and fun career so, here I am!

Blogs Purpose

The purpose of my blog is to inspire mothers to get the most out of their parenting experience and cultivate an attitude of fun. I do this by using myself as the example. With my multifaceted family dynamics, I am here as a motherhood resource!

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