Advocate For Yourself

As adults we can become consumed with our careers, relationships, children and family, leaving us making ourselves the component that we will forget fix later. We can live a life programed to other people's opinions and perceptions of who we are. With this, we can allow that energy to be transmitted into our thoughts of ourselves and suck us into a place of vulnerability. To eradicate these kinds of behaviors and thoughts we need to learn to advocate for ourselves. You see, we spend so much time advocating for other people that we completely disregard the things that we want and need. This can only end up two to three ways and they are all bad.

We advocate for so many other subcultural things and people and we leave our psyche on the back burner because we are certain that we will address ourselves later. Thinking this way lands us in an unhappy state. It's time we advocate for ourselves.

This includes in the workplace: Women, when you go on your next interview, do not be afraid to advocate for you. Be forthcoming and fair about your worth. Be transparent about your needs and be direct about your demands.