Co-Parenting |The CORE of It All

The latest Becoming The Mrs InstaCast video is regarding Co-Parenting. This video is dedicated to providing tips on how to navigate the co-parenting process with the acronym

C.O.R.E. Cohesiveness, Optimistic, Respectful and Effort.

Cohesive - Being cohesive is an essential component to the co-parenting process. It's important for both parents to be in synch with how the child(ren) are to be parented. This is including but not limited to discipline and rules. When a cohesive relationship is in place, you are creating solid foundation for the child(ren) to understand that as parents, you and the other parent work as a team in the parenting department.

Optimistic - A lot of times in co-parenting situations, there is a spirit of uncertainty when the child(ren) spends time with the opposite parent. As parents, we can become very offensive and not foster an attitude of optimism. Instead, we exhibit an attitude that is not positive and the child(ren) can internalize that energy. They can begin to feel that the other parent isn't equipped and therefore begin to believe it. You want to make certain you provide an attitude of reassurance.