Accessible Traveling Tips

When we travel with our children we typically take road trips. With our son being disabled that is how travel comfortably. We are looking forward to the first plane ride with him or a RV Trip (where are sponsors for the people that really need them right?). Anyhow here are a list of items that we must take with us and you may consider it too.

1. Extra Clothing because there is always a possibility that your loved one may have leaked through their clothing. Keep this handy in the car.

2. Shucks. These are large pads that resemble the training pads that are used for puppies. However, they are larger and better absorbency. These are important to keep with you for changing diapers.

Caveat: When you are a caregiver to a person that is wheelchair bound there is a high possibility that you will need to change their diaper on the floor of the restroom or inside the floor of the van. When this happens, its a great to have shucks for sanitary purposes.

3. If your child/loved one has a gtube, its a great idea to keep an extra gtube button kit. This is a great idea because things happen suddenly and if the Gtube has eradicate the site, you want to be in a position to reposition it to the site as quickly as possible.

4. Look for truck stops to change diapers and use the shower rooms. Although they don't have a changing table set up anywhere. They do provide more privacy and cleaner bathrooms than ones with just stalls. In addition to this, they provide clean towels and soap if things really get messy.

Although your list for your loved one may vary form what we use, this should prepare you for those random moments when things happen. Happy Traveling!

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