Leveraging Your Resources

As a mom blogger, sometimes you can become so self absorbed in your own content and opinions that your completely dismiss those bloggers that influenced you and your journey to become a blogger. I have learned that there is nothing wrong with leveraging resources and reaching out to other bloggers for insight and information. It is actually a healthy practice to keep you refreshed and most importantly, maintain a network of digital girlfriends!

Apply this to your parenting!

Do not be afraid to leverage the advice or insight from a mom that has been in the parenting game for many years. This does not mean you are inadequate, this does not mean that you have to take their advice per se, however, it gives you another perspective and it further cultivates a mindset of learning and exploring. Leaning on another mother or mom friend is healthy and it suggest you want to learn and you are trying to elevate and expand how you think and behave and thats great!

Use Me As A Resource!

I am always happy to answer questions and advise on subjects that i feel comfortable with sharing knowledge about. Being a mom for 15 years, having a blended family and a child that has cerebral palsy and being in grad school has definately elevated my motherhood scale and has encouraged me to continue to be a multifaceted thinker and problem solver. With that being said contact me anytime via any of my social streams!

Be A Resource!

So often as women we like to be selective with our knowledge. We do not curate a sister-ship with information that could be profitable to other women. We have got accustom to not sharing in fear of people &