Making A House A Home

The home buying process is an exciting time however, it can become a process that makes you feel full of uncertainty. I remember when we were in the thick of our home search, we agreed on the parameters we would set fitting for our family. This is what I would advise for any prospective home buyer so that before you begin arguing about little things, you have the bigger picture squared away. DISCLAIMER: I am not a realtor or broker. As a parent, I can provide you with information regarding what you may want to consider when you are purchasing a home. For everyone, the parameters are vastly different. However, I will share with you the parameters that were important to us.

  1. Great Schools. We were invested in the idea that paying the penny for the home oppose to tuition was the route we preferred to take. We were comfortable with public school so, our task was to determine which areas had the schools that we felt were a great fit for our children.

  2. Location. My husband works downtown so, due to the dynamics of our family, it was important that we were located in an area near a metra train station.This was essential for us because as a SAHM and having a child with severe special needs, things come up...and BELIEVE ME WE HAVE HAD OUR SHARE! So, it was understood we needed to have his commute only an hour in travel time or less.

  3. Resources. I like to be near resources. This means, parks, libraries, gas stations, TARGET and at least one person that I know and feel comfortable around my children. A 20 min drive to my mother’s home was perfect as well as having the comfort of all the things we needed.

  4. Total Amount of Bedrooms. We knew we wanted additional children. So, it was important that we found a home that could sleep our large bunch.

  5. Wheelchair Accessibility. This is what made the process tricky. There are not many homes that are wheelchair accessible so, we had to think creatively with every property that we saw. We had to assure we could easily convert the property to be wheelchair accessible without much of a hassle.

  6. Safety. We wanted to be in an area that didn’t have much foot traffic and was as safe as we could hope for.

We were blessed to find a home that met our needs and possessed a couple extras. However, it is important to understand you will not always find everything you want on your list. So, if you are a patient consumer, BE PATIENT with the process. It's not easy however, if you take your time you can potentially find all the elements in a home that you desire for your family. This is a time that should be joyous so, enjoy the process and have fun! Check out my InstaCast as I provide advice on what to look at in a home!

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