Weekly Family Meetings

Recently, I have shared on social media the “Monday Night Meetings” that I instituted into my family three years ago. This idea was sparked from a book I read that was authored by a software engineer. The author mentioned implementing a weekly scrum meeting into his family just as he does for work, in an effort to communicate with his family. I thought I would give this idea a try since that was the peak of my children becoming pretty active with extracurricular activities. I shared the idea with my husband (who is a software architect) and he loved the idea. From there, our weekly family meetings was birthed.

This school year, I incorporated a presentation style for the meetings. This is a great way for my girls to practice standing in front of a crowd and speaking. With high school and middle school in full swing, I thought this would be optimum timing. However in years passed, it was not done this way and it was still effective.

What do we talk about?

Our meetings are a space for us to communicate, connect and stay on task. We have a pretty busy dynamic in my home so, having this opportunity to have seven people in one room at the same time is important. Here are the agenda items:

During everyone's report, we share important activities that will take place that week. We iron out the specifics of those activities such as time, what its for etc. This is an opportunity for our children to share any items they need such as clothings, money, shoes, school needs etc. Finally, they address these important questions: What worked last week, what didn't work, what can I do to make it better and How can us parents help. Those questions are an important component to the meeting. It's those questions that help my husband and I be accountable and makes them accountable as well. As the mother of the ship, my report is a bit longer and I have more slides to present because I schedule appointments and such, with this if you are a mother expect to have your report to be one of the last ones on the agenda.

What time of day?

Typically, these meetings are a catalyst for bedtime. So, we try to have them between 7pm-8pm with the goal of the meeting lasting 30-45 minutes (remember there is a lot of us). However, this school year, I am looking to push the meetings back to Sunday nights and have Monday as a back up night depending on schedules.

Do you take Notes?

Of course, we all have planners and laptops, so we take notes and ask questions as needed.

Presentation Style

To present, I use Google slides and I chromecast my screen to the television. I also use a Logitech Presentation Remote. I found this at target. You can purchase on amazon as well.

A weekly family meeting is very important for our family to stay on task. I highly recommend you try it with your family. It does not make you lame or make you “too serious” however, it makes you conscious and it further allows you an opportunity to connect with your family and have an open dialogue. Try it and let me know how it works out!

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