Weekly Family Meetings

Recently, I have shared on social media the “Monday Night Meetings” that I instituted into my family three years ago. This idea was sparked from a book I read that was authored by a software engineer. The author mentioned implementing a weekly scrum meeting into his family just as he does for work, in an effort to communicate with his family. I thought I would give this idea a try since that was the peak of my children becoming pretty active with extracurricular activities. I shared the idea with my husband (who is a software architect) and he loved the idea. From there, our weekly family meetings was birthed.

This school year, I incorporated a presentation style for the meetings. This is a great way for my girls to practice standing in front of a crowd and speaking. With high school and middle school in full swing, I thought this would be optimum timing. However in years passed, it was not done this way and it was still effective.

What do we talk about?

Our meetings are a space for us to communicate, connect and stay on task. We have a pretty busy dynamic in my home so, having this opportunity to have seven people in one room at the same time is important. Here are the agenda items: