Five Ways To Help A Fellow Mom This School Year

The school year has begun and some of us moms get nervous at the thought. We think about the countless activities, the crazy schedules, field trips, lunches, and the list goes on. With this, us moms have a knack for shaming other moms who appear to not have it together. We whisper to our other mom friends and rip the next woman apart. As women we have to stop the mom-shaming and instead, look into ways we can help one another. Here are five tips you can implement this school year to help a fellow mama!

1. Ask if their child needs a ride. I know many of us joke about feeling like a taxi/Uber driver but the reality is, for some moms it's difficult to make it to multiple events when you are busy with work or have other children to tend to. The best thing you can do for another mom, is ask if their child needs a ride, this has come in handy many times over for me and although at first I was hesitant I welcomed the help because I needed it.

2. Take Pictures. We all know the mom that is rushing into the gymnasium or stadium so that she can catch a glimpse of her child on the field or court. This is the mom who is busy, may have a long commute from work or has had a day when she was just behind schedule. Do her a favor and take pictures or videos of her child and send it to her. She will appreciate it. There has been a couple times I missed my daughter's playing time for volleyball and I wish someone could have sent me a picture or footage from that game.

3. Invite Her Over. You have seen a mom that may be new to the area. Invite her into your mom group. You never know how much she may need you and you actually may need to call on her. Invite her to the next MNO (mom night out) or on a coffee date with other moms. I can tell you from experience, I wish I had that. When we moved into our current home I noticed all the moms were "cliques" and it felt as if there was no space for me. I watched them meet up drinking their coffee and never once did they make me feel welcomed. So, invite a new mom into your mom friend group she would appreciate that.

4. Share Your Number. At first this may seem a bit awkward, however, sharing your contact information with another mom comes in handy. This is an opportunity to leverage your resources. When you make yourself a resource you have the ability to grow your network. As a mother, there will be days when you have a question and there is nothing better than being able to ask another parent. This is a great way to build relationships with other moms.

5. SPEAK. Yes, it's that simple! So often moms seem to be an adult version of Mean Girls Club. We see one another and we don't speak. If you see a familiar mom just say hello. Motherhood can be a dark place and a simple hello from the next woman can be comforting. We speak so much about feeling invisible and this is a sure way for us to acknowledge the presence of one another. A simple hello can make a mama's day feel so much better.

Yes, being a mother is hard work but if we look at this as a community, it will soften the blow. Taking the time to get to know one another and extend a hand can turn the school year around for some. Being a resource to another mother speaks volumes so, stop the mom shaming this school year and extend a helping hand.

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