We Need Our Friends To Show Up

Friendships, marriages and mostly all interpersonal relationships are about showing up. Sure we all enjoy the tangible things however, what we need most is for people to show up for us when we need them. Although our lives are busy, showing up for ourselves and those that love us is important. Here are a couple ways we can show up!

1. Send A Card. I know with email and text messages you may feel that sending a handwritten note is too much to go through. However, that is the point. Sending a handwritten letter is an intentional gesture. When a handwritten note is sent, its indicative of an individual that cares. Head to your post office, purchase a book of stamps and send someone you haven't spoken to in a while a note. This is a great way to show up from afar.

2. Ask What Can You Do To Help. When you need someone to show up for you, it's a time when you are in a space that requires the support and encouragement of friends. We look to our friends to be those people that fill in the gaps for family and sometimes act as family. Ask a friend how you can help her/him this week. When you do this, you are making yourself available and that is what most interpersonal relationships need. Availability.

3. Phone call. I am always delighted when I hear from a friend that I have not spoke to or seen in a long time. These kinds of connections always seem to rejuvenate me and make you feel good. In addition to this, these are the conversations that seem to come at the right time. Call up a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while. Sometimes a good conversation from a girlfriend is just what you need!

4. Dine Out. Everyone loves to decompress over food. Its one of the most fulfilling ways to have a great conversation followed by a glass of wine or two. Call up a friend and get her out of the house. A couple hours away enjoying time out with her friend may be just what the doctor ordered. I recommend grabbing TACOS!

Being a good friend is something we should be more conscious about. Friendships can be the glue that keep us level headed and sane! These relationships are meaningful, they enrich our lives and give us depth. Check up on a friend today. Show up for her, you never know what she is going through.

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