Friday Night Lights With Your Family

Football season is a pretty fun time for us. We enjoy going to the games to watch my daughter perform, but if you live in the midwest or northeast, you understand that comes at a price. The beginning of the football (high school) season start off beautiful. The weather is seemingly picture perfect! A couple weeks into the season, those nights become brisk and then just plain ol' cold! This can make attending the games a task that you are no longer excited about. Here's where I am going with this, YOU NEED TO PREPARE! Yes, if you are a football mom or outdoor fall sport mom you understand that in order to enjoy the season you have to keep a bag in your trunk with a couple items ready to go. Here is a guide to help you and your family survive those cold winter nights.

1. Stadium Seat - This is going to save your a$$ literally and figuratively! Those stadium seats are cold when the temperatures dip. You need to sit on something with fabric so that your body doesn't lose heat due to a cold bench. In addition to this, they are a comfortable solution for back support. For breastfeeding mama's trust me, you will be happy you have the back support!

**Sidenote: There are some on the market that are HEATED! Brand: Sunbeam SSGP900-35 Heat to Go Portable Warming Stadium Seat, Black.

2. Weather Gear - These are the essentials that you should have already; gloves, scarf, hat, down jackets, earmuffs etc. These items may be worth keeping a spare pair in your kit because when night falls, those temperatures get pretty fridget.

3. Thermos - Do not leave the house without your thermos for your coffee, hot chocolate or tea. I typically keep a coffee thermos so that I can refill my thermos as needed. These are great to have to share with other team parents as well. (If you are really a cool mom you add Kahlua, this was way you are sure to keep warm with a shot or two...thank me later!)

4. Blanket - It's very important to keep a couple blankets for yourself and kiddos. YOU WILL NEED IT! Keep approximately 3 of these ready to go.

5. Layer Up - If you know the forecast calls for chilly temps do yourself and your kids a favor and layer those clothes. Its easier to remove clothing if you are too hot, rather than not have enough clothing on if it is cold. You can even pack an extra sweater or two just in case.

6. Umbrella - Remember during the fall anything goes, especially in the midwest. Bring umbrellas because rain doesn't stop the football game unless there is lightning or the rain is tremendously excessive.

All of these tidbits should help you and your family stay warm when the temps begin to dip during outdoor sports season. If you know anything about Boy Scouts, you are familiar with the three W's wicking, warmth, and wind. Read advice below about that:

"When layering, the first layer should wick moisture away from the skin. Hulce recommends athletic socks, or long underwear. The less moisture that touches your skin, the warmer you’ll feel.

The next layer on top of that should create warmth. Wearing fleece, wool, or any other thick material made to keep you toasty should do the trick.

The last is wind, as in a windbreaker. A wind- and waterproof shell will keep unwanted moisture and wind chill away from your skin. Many companies like The North Face and Columbia make jackets and coats that incorporate the warmth and wind layers together."

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