You Need Your Ego

Ha! I am starting this out laughing. I laugh because there are many times my ego would have been a helpful secret weapon in a couple situations. Here's the deal. Your ego by definition is a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. As women, our ego gifts us with many adjectives, most of them are not positive at all. Our sense of self-assurance and self-worth is tied into our ego and then people do not like us. Our ego is what we use sometimes as a defence mechanism, we unleash it like we are spitting fire and things become a HELL Storm. As women, we have to check our egos as the door and use it as a superpower instead of a golden ticket to B%$*& Land. Nevertheless, our ego is an important part of who we are and we need it sometimes to get out of situations, here are some reasons to use your ego:

1. To humbly remind people of your greatness. When you are great and people challenge your greatness, you may have to unleash your ego. This will help them remember that you are great and if they don't believe you, they should.

2. Secure your position in a situation. Sometimes, when you are humble, your ego can come off as non-existent. People will mistake your humility for being meek. This is an opportunity for you to let it be known you know your stuff girl, LET THEM KNOW! You have a voice and you are not afraid to use it.

3. To demand your respect. Too often as women, we are not given the respect we deserve. We are trampled over like pavement and not given a seat at the table, when we are indeed deserving. It is during these moments that we must be direct about or self worth and our value. Our ego in this situation tells