What's In My Bag

Well, this may shock you a bit, but on a normal basis I do not carry a purse. As a mom of many children, carrying a purse and a diaper bag is just too much going on. I carry a backpack because its more conducive for me and all of the stuff that I have to keep with me, when the kids and I head out. I have an Itzy Ritzy backpack diaper bag and I love it because there are a lot of outside pockets (and its called the BOSS Diaper Bag Backpack). These outside pockets were important when selecting a diaper bag because I knew these pockets would be for me. It was a must to have pockets that I could access easily. Besides, carrying a backpack is so much easier and I can fit a ton of stuff inside. Its like a mini luggage and I am fine with that. Here is what I have inside, this list may help you pack your diaper bag mom essentials too:

1. Book - It is always a good idea to keep a book. As a busy mother, I spend a great deal of time in my minivan waiting or at random doctor appointments. This helps me get caught up on a good read and limits my screen time (Parents sometimes need screen time restrictions too).

2. Pen and Paper - I know we use our phones a lot but some cases cause for pen and paper. There are times we are on the phone and need to jot down something quickly.

3. Battery pack - it's obvious that as a mom blogger I use my phone a lot. With this comes a drained battery. I try to keep my battery pack ready to go so that I am not missing out on a phone call or a great picture of the kids doing something crazy or cool.

4. Essential Oils- Oilogic Headache & Tension - As a mother that tries to limit my medication use, I like to keep the roll on oil in my bag. I have teenagers and little kids, a headache is sure to ensue at some point.

5. Snacks - As a breastfeeding mama, its important to keep a snack with you. I typically like to carry crackers or a granola bar.

6. ID/Wallet - For obvious reasons identification is important.

7. G -Tube Kit - My son has a feeding tube and THINGS HAPPEN! Having a back up kit comes in handy when accidents happen. If you are a parent that has a kid with a feeding tube, keep a spare with you at all times.

8. Inhaler - Unfortunately, I am asthmatic, so my inhaler must be near. A really strong perfume could be dangerous for me.

9. Cosmetics - I keep a small bag of essentials for those last minute and unplanned outings.

10. Hair Tie - I have four girls with a lot of hair, someone always needs a hair tie, including myself.

11. Deodorant - As a mom sometimes we are rush, well all the time we are in a rush. This is something that I keep for those UNsure moments.

12. Comb/brush - Obvious reasons.

13. Nail Clipper - It's one of those random gadgets that people need at the oddest times.

I will admit that lately, a fanny pack has come in handy is sometimes a little more easier to carry around. However, I don't do it often because I like to limit the amount of "stuff" I carry around. What are your mom essentials that you keep with you?

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