A Look Back: Chicago Baby Show Recap & Must Haves

The 2018 Chicago Baby Show was AH-Mazing! Not only was there a plethora of brands, but it was an event that kept the needs of families in mind. This expo was perfectly executed and as a mom, I appreciated every minute of it. Here is how the expo went down...

Needs of Families

Seventh Generation sponsored multiple changing stations that were not only equipped with a padded changing table but also, diapers, wipes, diaper creams and foaming shampoo wash. The changing stations were very clean and allowed parents to have the luxury of not digging in diaper bags searching for diapering supplies. Also, this was perfect for those families that had multiple kids and weren’t necessarily together the entire time, like my husband and I.


Maternity Lounge - This was a perfect space for mothers to nurse babies, hang out and change diapers. This space was sponsored by Motherly.

Dads Lounge - The Chicago Dads group sponsored the Dads lounge which was a cool area for dads to hang with other dads and play with the kids, all while mamas like me, checked out all of the products and tried to decide what I should purchase next!

Blogger Lounge - The organizers of the Event (Special Thanks to Sherri) did a great job of supplying bloggers with info needed to adequately connect with brands and provide bloggers with the tools needed to share brands with our audience. In addition to this, they showed us the ultimate hospitality, Thank you!


PumpSpotting: This is an amazing company that travels the US in a super stylish 40 foot long “Breast Express” RV. The RV is equipped to allow mothers to nurse their child and pump. Providing electricity and an abundant amount of breastfeeding information and cool additives like Breast shaped stress balls (like the ones pictured) and a cool wall for mamas to draw a picture of their bobs all in support of the cause. This company also doubles their cool points with me because they have a free downloadable app that provides you with insight from other mothers in your areas that share breastfeeding safe establishments This is a great feature because if you are a mom that feels a bit of angst when it's time to nurse in public, this app would be a great way for you to determine your comfort level based on what other moms have shared about their experience. I will be going more in depth about what they do on InstaStories today. Stay Tuned Here.

Stroller Test Track: This was a small course for parents to use to test out strollers mimicking terrain. This is important in the process of purchasing a stroller because there are so many to choose from! More on this tomorrow on the blog, so be sure to come back. Click Here to see what's brewing on the blog!

Featured Seminars: As parents you are always learning and needing to be educated. There were many experts that spoke on topics about pregnancy health, breastfeeding, self care, product safety and doctors and authors providing advice and information on all things baby and pregnancy related.


Olababy Feeding Spoon - This product is ergonomically designed, eco-friendly, captures the mentality of a child and captures the interests of parents, here is what I mean. The product design keeps in mind that its for a child/baby that is beginning their feeding journey. With ultra soft sustainable food grade silicon material that is BPA Free, the spoon can be used for a teether to soothe babies gums and the spoon base allows for the spoon to sit in an upright position, with the option to use the suction ability at the tail end of the spoon. I love the soft texture of this spoon.

Summer Infant Baby Pixel - This product was one of my favorites because of the innovative features added to the monitor. The monitor now has a touch screen that allow you to make adjustments to the to the camera positioning from the handheld base, there is a temperature and time display. For me, this is also great for my son that has special needs. See below for a list of features.

  • SleepZone™ Virtual Boundary - Set a boundary box around a selected area to alert you when your baby exits their safe space.

  • Moonlite™ Night Vision Boost - Subtly illuminate your camera’s viewing area for a clearer, temporary, in-color view of baby in the dark.

  • Voice activated video on/off technology (VOX) - Voice activation auto-wakes the screen display when baby begins to cry, babble or fuss and automatically returns to power save mode after 30 seconds with no activity

  • Talk back to baby

  • Time display

  • 2-Color off/on nightlight

  • 3-Level zoom

  • Expandable system (up to 4 cameras - Baby Pixel® Extra Video Camera sold separately)

  • Up to 1,000-ft range

  • Wall mount hardware

  • 1-Year warranty

Lil Jammerz: I actually purchased this item! My daughters really love music so this was a wonderful solution to a problem that is common (CRYING IN THE CAR). The car seat hanging toys are in place to provide three sensory induced ideas. There is the “squeaker,” a rattle and lastly, the star of the bunch, a speaker hidden inside the third toy. The toy with the speaker is equipped with Bluetooth technology to allow you to stream any of your favorite tunes OR you can download the app and play the musical options that are built into the app. These toys can be used in other spaces besides the carseat.

Other Practical Product Faves that I would purchase or have been my favorite purchases.

Austlen Stroller - Multi Functional stroller with tons of cargo space (I HAVE)

Uppababy Minu - Lightweight, easily collapsible stroller that can be carried on your shoulder.

Babyganics Alcohol Wipes - On the go sanitizer wipes free of alcohol

Heavenly Halo - Night Light for bottles and sippy cups. (I HAVE)

Monti KIds - Montessori curriculum and toy subscription box, delivered every three months through age three. They also provide video!

GoGoVie - Hybrid baby sling and carrier!! It can be manipulated into 7 different positions! AWESOME PRODUCT. I absolutely love the versatility with this product.

Momma Gourmet - Healthy Meal kits delivered to help you create homemade baby food.

Frida Baby - Products that address the debacles of motherhood, nasty noses, constipation and even a mom wash for your postpartum need (better than what the hospital provides)


Pura: This is a stainless steel baby bottle that transitions as the child grows up, with multiple drink spout components. It is easily the only bottle your could ever need. From the perspective of a parent with special need, this is a great bottle because there are additional spouts that can be used, such as the straw and flat cap component. This is great for young adult children to use the apparatus and not feel ashamed of carrying a sippy cup at such mature age (when having special needs). I will be testing this out with my son all week and will report my findings on social media (Be sure to follow me on instagram and friend me on facebook).

Travel Tray: This Product is simple however, its innovative.This snack tray sits inside any cup holder and has an attached piece that protrudes out and its inplace so that a child can have their drink and crackers too! (I HAVE THIS)

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