Yes, all of these are my strollers/wagons. I know some of you may think I am nuts. However, I have met some moms that understand why I have so many. But this is not about me...well not entirely. I want to help you make a decision about the type of stroller that you want to purchase. Strollers are now part of the fashion essence of being a new mom. With that being said, if you are anything like me, you know that your stroller is a extension of you, so you want it to look DOPE! I hope my explanation for each stroller/wagon helps steer you in a direction that you feel works for yourself and family. (Descriptions are for strollers/ wagons from left to right)

Classic Radio Flyer Two Seater Pathfinder Wagon - I have had this wagon for 14 years. I actually like it. This is the perfect wagon for neighborhood outings that does not require bringing many additional items. This is a wagon that we typically used for quick trips to the ice cream shoppe and a quick walk around the neighborhood. If you have two children this wagon does not have the adequate space for storage however,if you have one child in the wagon the opposite seat can be folded down and used for that purpose (storage).

Veer Cruiser Wagon - This wagon is one of a kind. The two seater wagon has the option have a child seated (toddler) and attach an infant car seat carrier. This wagon is considered a stroller/wagon hybrid. It also has a separate attachment that can be purchased. The attachment serves as extra storage (pictured with the diaper bag behind it. Its really roomy). You can check out the website to take a more in depth look at the details and attachments that the product has to offer.

Phil and Teds Vibe - This stroller has the option to operate as a double stroller or single. If you are in the mood for taking it on a rugged terrain, this is a great stroller because the tires are pretty large and sturdy. The bottom of the stroller is roomy however, if a second seat is added at the bottom (as pictured) there will be no room for storage. This stroller can be used for jogging.

Austlen Entourage - The Entourage can be used as a double or single stroller. There is an abundant amount of cargo space at the bottom of the stroller. This is a stroller that has the conversion for a car seat infant carried and can eventually transition to a second toddler seat or sit and stand. The possibilities are endless with this stroller. Check out the website to see all the conversations.

Columbia Plus 2 Double Jogger Stroller - This is definitely a stroller that is strictly for jogging in the neighborhood. This is not a stroller that I would travel with. In addition, this stroller has side by side seating.

The MacClaren BMW - This stroller is great to take with you for those really quick road trips or any activity with only one child. It is easy to fold down and is very light weight. The seat reclines back in a comfortable position to for sleeping.

I hope you have a better understanding of the benefits to some of these strollers and it further encourages you to find the stroller that works best for you...even if it means you have to purchase more than one.

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