Toddlers & Teens

Being a mom to toddlers and teens can get interesting. Its like flipping an on and off switch all day. While I have actually found much joy in having the various age ranges, it does come at a cost. Having children 15 years to 5 months old puts me in a mom category that pretty much leaves me as a lone ranger with friends. Here are a couple things I have been learning:

1. There will be tears so just get use to it! YES!!! With a two year old, five month old, a middle schooler and two high schoolers, there are going to be lots of tears. OH, I am not talking about from me (there's wine and yoga for that), it would be them. I have learned it's important to keep my cool, meltdowns and hunger strikes with the little ones are destined to happen and the older kids feelings are subject to be hurt because you have scolded at them for not completing chores or taking care of scholastic business. Grab your kleenex or baby wipes!